Applying for SS cards

A social security card has a nine digit number, issued by the United States government through the social security administration to its citizens, the people that reside their permanently and sometimes to qualified workers that live and work their on a temporary basis.

This card has a lot of significance at individual level, family and at the national level and is therefore a must-have for any qualified person. It contains the holders name and number. There are also two other types of these cards- one that is restricted and is written “Not valid for employment”, and is cannot be used as a work permit while the other is also restricted and written “Valid for work only with DHS authorization” . This card is only issued to people that have acquired a temporary work permission or authorization after a Lost SS Card. It is very clear here, that the Social Security card and number is very important when it comes to employment because employers at companies will always ask to see one.

To apply for a government loan from any financial institution, one of the requirements is a social security number, which is used as one of the legal documents to prove identity and validity. Financial institutions, both private and public, will also ask for this number when one is seeking to open a bank account because it proves that the person and intention is legit.

The social security card also proves its significance when enrolling into programs that help the public, like the disability programs and retirement benefit programs because using this number, the government will seek to know just how much you contributed during your years of service in employment and establish how much you qualify for as pension benefits. The government uses this card and number to track your earnings all through your years of employment and keep record of how many years you worked.

Acquisition of travel documents like passport and driving license will also demand that one produces a social security card to prove that that the individual is legally qualified to acquire the document and also to travel. It also confirms that the individual is a legal citizen because the card confirms that a particular number was issued to the named person

There are companies that have set policies, to ask for a social security card before they render their services including sales, just to ascertain that the client is legally qualified to receive the service or make purchase of particular items like guns or cheicals and also for purposes of taxation.

The government through the IRS, uses the social security card to compare and make sure that the income that is recorded on the tax return actually matches that which is actually received so that tax is rightfully paid.The internal revenue department also compels every company to register the social security numbers for their employees to keep track of what they make.

In the department of defense, the officers in the army and air force use the social security cards and numbers as identification since 1st July,1969. The navy and marine corps officers have also been doing the same since 1 st October,1974.

At family level, parents are also required to register their children so that they are enlisted as their legal dependents for purposes of government federal income taxation.

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