Choosing a reliable jeweler

If you are looking to find the best diamond for the first time in your life, there are a number of things you should know. First of all you have to consider your options, set your standards (ex. budget), explore the market and get ready to buy the perfect diamond. Just check the following basics of picking a diamond for the first time from

The Shape of the Diamond

One of the first things you need to take into consideration is the shape of the diamond. It’s better to find a symmetrical one. For example, you can check its proportions and see if you like it. Just remember that a poorly proportioned gem, it might
has some flaws that you may not see them at the first time. You can examine the stone and see how many facets are cut and you can also check if it sparkles. A well-cut diamond reflects light from one facet to another. In case the cut is not the right one, the diamond does not shine as it should be and as a result it reduces the quality of the precious stone.

Consider the Weight of the Gem

You need to remember that the weight of the diamond is very important. If the gem has many karats, it’s going to cost you much more. Keep in mind that the best known sizes, especially for engagement rings are A to 2 karats. If you ask your jeweller, you can get an idea of the most common karat weights most people select. Moreover, before selecting the one you prefer, just remember that two diamonds of the same weight may be very different in their qualities, as well as in their prices.

Choose the Right Colour

Even though you may think that diamonds don’t have any colours, they actually do. In fact diamond colour can range from a light yellow to crystal clear (colourless).

Just remember that the most expensive diamonds are the ones without colour. This is mainly because these kind of gems are very rare and because they can reflect light better than the other diamonds in the market. You need to be extremely careful when selecting the colour of a diamond, because many diamonds may have slight tints of yellow, which are may not be able to see with a naked eye.

Check if the Diamond Sparkles

If a diamond has brilliance and it sparkles, then that means that it’s of good quality. It’s not very difficult to understand if a diamond shines pretty enough, even though if you don’t know many things about these precious gems. If you check it better, you may be able to understand if the diamond has any kind of anlemishes’ or any other kind of imperfections.

Do your Research – Select a reliable Jeweller

Before you buy a diamond, just do some research. For instance, you can check to find relevant information on the internet and then you need to find a trained jeweller that you trust, in order to help you decide to make the best choice.

In addition, if you find a reliable jeweller, you won’t be cheated. This is very important because you may give a lot of money by buying a product that does not worth it.

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