Commercial Real Estate tips

Buying or selling a home? Where do you start? Are there any reasons for passing the estate agents by? Buying a home is one of the most important things you will ever do. It can be an awkward to find the right real estate agent. Beyond this, there are agents with ambition in their eyes trying to get you to rent or buy any property they can pass of as your new dream home.

What’s more, if your a seller, why on earth would you want someone else to profit from your land when it isn’t necessary? For both parties, there are scrolls of contracts to sign, which you will almost inevitably skim through, clueless as to the meaning of it all.

So, what if you said to yourself “I’m going it alone”? Are you better off without real estate agent? As it turns out, probably not.

Firstly, as a seller or letter, especially if it’s your first time, you don’t know anything about the process. As such, you can’t be sure when your ready to let or sell a property. If you start the process and the buyer asks you questions, and all you can do is stare them in the face blankly, this may easily put off your buyer. Estate agents are fully prepared with all the information a buyer needs, and have the experience to answer those awkward questions. Take a look at and see what you feel afterwards.

If you go through an estate agents, be in no doubt that your time will be freed up. What’s more, inspections of your property as a letter could end in disaster. How are you going to make them pay for that dead cat in the sink?

Probably number one on the list of dangers; you’ve inducted ogres for tenants. That’s right, your trolls wish to move out, but there’s nothing left to move out of. You can’t even tell the difference between the toilet and the kitchen; there’s something bakin’ in both of them. Not to worry, estate agents can easily sort this one out. They make sure everything is photographed, and that lengthy scroll of terms and conditions that looked so uninviting to you is protecting your property from destruction. They will make sure any damages are paid for. As a home buyer, and someone renting, these contracts can protect you, too. Usually estate agents offer to pay for any damages to your rental property, so your landlord doesn’t freak out. You could be a great tenant, but hay, it turns out whatever was baking in that oven was from the first tenant way back in the bronze age. Any previous damages to the property before you move in will probably have been sorted out or at least declared by the estate agents.

What about the cost of all of this? I mean, yes there’s a lot of trouble to go through, but surely it’s worth it for no one else to get their hands on my money?

Right, of course estate agents are not going to do all this for free. As it turns out, the price they charge is negotiable. It’s not like they are going to bleed you dry. If you wish to sell through an estate agent, they will charge about 6% of the property value. If your looking to get into the property business full time, why not leave it up to them and get on with selling!

As a first time buyer of a property, there’s more good news. There’s the assumption that a commission is paid to retailers out of your pocket. This isn’t true. The seller is in fact responsible for any payment to the Landlord.

Estate agents are there to help.

Good estate agents are there to stitch the open wounds left by countless arguments between landlords and tenants. There’s no reason to fear, as long as you do your research and find the best estate agents for you.

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