Grow a badass beard

So, your beard is fully grown, congratulations, you look like a badass viking now. You think now that all the hard work (waiting for the beard to grow, taking care of it, trimming it etc) is over. Well, wrong, the hard part begins only now, you have to take really good care of your awesome beard.

So, along different care products you use know, you really have to consider buying a beard comb to groom it. Now the hard part begins, what beard comb should you use? And, is it better if you just buy a beard brush instead?

Firstly, lets begin explaining the difference between a beard comb and a beard brush. If you still haven’t grown a great beard, use thisĀ

Besides the most obvious differences, they are made from really different materials. Beard brushes are often made from animal hair, beard combs are usualy made from natural hard wood material (the wood differs from a product to another). Here the combs have the huge advantage of being both antistatic and more durable then a regular beard brush.

Second difference would be the portability. Because is smaller and thiner, the comb will be way more easier to transport.

Now, you decided that you want to buy the comb, but the main question remains: ‘What type of comb should I use?”. Well, the answer is both simple and a bit complicated.

Firstly, you must consider what type of beard you have and the teeth width , and final, the material of your future comb. Sounds complicated? let me simplify it so you will be able to narrow your search considerably.

As I said previously, the main material for making the combs is natural wood. Besides this, they are still few other diferent materials comb you should take in consideration:
– Metal (usualy made from stainless steel or aluminium)
-Plastic (the cheapest one, not necesary bad quality but poorer quality then the rest)
-Synthetic composites

All the beard caring websites and vloggers recomends the wood comb saying that s the most qualitative material. It’s durable, have a really nice fresh wood smell and, I think the most important thing is that they are handmade. So, being handmade it eliminates thejagged edges resulting in a smoothly and easier use.

Now that we have decided on the material we have to decide on which type of comb is the best suited for our beard. If you have a long beard, hair knots will appear on it with time. For them you should consider using a wide-toothed comb. It’s the best comb for preventing tangled beard hair.

For a smaller beard a fine-toothed comb will do the trick. Keep in mind that is important to use the best comb for your beard to avoid breakage.

Also, don’t forget, brooming is incredibly essential in keeping a clean nice looking beard. l helps beard growing in the right direction, prevents breakage, also prevents the ingrown hair, which is both painful and really unpleasant. Now that you are all set, all you have to do is finding the best comb for yourself amongst the hundreds of products.

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