The incredible experience of birding lodges

Musical melodies in nature are what you hear when you are surrounded by various avian species. With your eyes still closed, you can differentiate the notes and pitch of different birds even though they all seem to be chirping at the same time. As a lover of birds, you revel in the sounds as they seem to be very close by this minute and with an inaudible fluttering of wings, the sounds come from far away in the next. The care-free attitudes of these organisms make you wonder why there is so much worry in the world. You just want to remain in this world, at least for a little while longer. You rouse yourself from the lazy slumber and before you, an expanse of greenery, trimmed to uniformity but deep in tone on different spots; that must be light playing its usual trick on your eyes. Nature hides some part of the greenish beauty from you in a darker hue and you wish you could see the remaining part as clearly as the plush field before you. Do you have no idea what I’m going on about? Well, that’s why you should stay at a birding lodge in Costa Rica.

You will probably find it difficult to understand what a beard lover feels when they see a well-kept one, trimmed to perfection, just like the birding lodges in Costa Rica such as Ask any grass lover, they’ll tell you the feel a well-trimmed lawn on has on their eyes. The stretch of uniformity going on for some distance, and the change in a hue you see when your sight approach a bend giving a feel of originality and simplicity; beyond the aesthetics, a satisfaction on a more primal level. The same feeling applies to a lover of beards, I mean well-trimmed beards. Why shouldn’t they have the similar emotional response? Moreover, lawns and beards have to do with an expanse. Where the latter is on the face, the former is on the ground, and both need to be well taken care of to look so good. The expanse of black hair, trimmed to a level of uniformity on the cheek, coming to a bend where the expanse curves and sight adjust to the different shade of light on the chin before disappearing to the other side of the face. Doesn’t that description fit a well-kept lawn?

When you see a full grown lawn, without patches, you automatically believe it was well fed. You’ll agree you think the same when you see a man with a well-bred beard. He signifies masculinity and physical maturity, inviting admirable glances every now and then. Even if he’s not in control of his finances, you perceive him as well-to-do. This perceived achievement associated with his physical attribute is what drives his persona. Let me now tell you how going birding in Costa Rica will better help you understand this. The habitat in Costa Rica possesses the physical attributes that make birds migrate there during the summers and some make the place their abode.

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